FileNexus®—Powering Customer Service at Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc.

The traditional management, handling and storage of customer-related files is intensive from both a time and cost perspective. Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. was looking for a single technology solution that would help them deliver top tier customer service by dramatically simplifying the entire client support process—FileNexus® was their choice to accomplish this task… Continue reading

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. Expands Use of FileNexus® For New Cable Locates

KW Hydro’s latest initiative involves underground cable locates. Whenever a customer is planning to do any work on their property which includes breaking ground, they call KW Hydro to identify where wires are buried. The company typically does 15,000 locates per year. Previously, technicians took paper files out, made notes in the field, and then physically filed everything. If anyone needed the information, they’d have to scour through cabinets to find them. Continue reading

Keys Energy Goes Green with FileNexus®

Keys Energy ServicesKEYS implemented FileNexus® in Customer Service, where all customer-related documents are immediately available and uniquely associated with the customer account, service address and more. The Application for Service process itself is now fully automated.

Following Customer Service, KEYS’ Human Resources/Payroll department has also deployed FileNexus®, and is using the system to track employee records and training documents, and retiree files including benefits information spanning several decades. They use the system to create and distribute internal memos, where audit tracking allows KEYS to monitor who has read the documents. Continue reading

Integrate FileNexus® Document Management Directly Into Your Mission Critical Business Systems

FileNexus IntegrationsWhile many companies log directly into FileNexus® to archive and retrieve their documents, the system can also integrate seamlessly into any mission critical business software, collaboration tool or other interface. Whether your main tool is a CIS, an ERP system, SharePoint, a web portal, a proprietary product or legacy software, FileNexus® can work in the background, embedding robust document management functionality into your key business applications.

At its most basic, a FileNexus® integration can allow your users to click a link in your host screen to retrieve the right document instantly. In more complex scenarios, FileNexus® can conduct database lookups, update your host system with new information, and even automatically initiate business workflows—all from within the host application. The depth of the integration is based on your specific business needs. Continue reading