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Loris Technologies Inc. is the developer of the FileNexus™ Document Management System – serving mission critical document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs. No paper, no microfilm, no logging into multiple applications – everything instantly available with the click of a mouse. FileNexus™ is employed by representative organizations employing millions of people worldwide. It is deployed in a variety of sectors including utilities, banking and financial institutions, trust companies, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, among others.
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Where you are today…

If you’re like most organizations, you have mission critical records spread out over a variety of media and sources (host systems, email, servers, filing cabinets, PC’s, microfilm and so on). Filing, retrieval and management of these records consume significant staff resources. Your consumption of forms, computer paper, microfiche, bond paper and expense of supporting equipment such as printers, faxes, photocopiers, filing cabinets, etc. is considerable. Apart from sourcing the most cost-effective means of supply for each of these items, you have probably never calculated their enormous overall organizational cost. Quite simply, without an alternative, why would you?
Where you are today: If you’re like most organizations, you have mission critical records spread out over a variety of media and sources (host systems, email and its attachments, servers, faxes, multifunctional printers, scanners, copier, filing cabinets, PC’s, laptops, tablets, shared drives, zip drives, microfilm, microfiche, SharePoint). FileNexus can capture, archive and manage everything from everywhere.

What FileNexus does…

Rather than have a computer or fax machine print a document to paper and then storing the paper, the FileNexus Document Management System will store a precise facsimile of the record in digital form, directly from the electronic output. Similarly, inbound records or records containing a manual component (for example, image data such as handwriting) can be stored in the same manner after being digitized by a scanner and / or multifunction device. FileNexus indexes and assigns security for each type of document to your unique preset specifications and stores the information on the media of your choice (SAN, CD-ROM, Optical Disk, DVD, etc.).

Once documents are stored, anyone with a computer (Win XP or higher), or standard browser connected over virtually any network (LAN, WAN, INTER / INTRANET), portal and / or host system(s) linked to FileNexus, may access any record(s) to which they have security privileges. Recalled records may be viewed, researched and managed using a broad range of options without ever leaving the desk.

The FileNexus Document Management System will store a precise facsimile of the record in digital form, directly from the electronic output. See what you want, when you want it, from any browser.

What FileNexus means to you…

No staff time filing, retrieving and collating…no host printers, faxes or photocopiers
Imagine being able to file, collate, store, retrieve, research, add notes to, view, print, export or distribute via fax, internet or email, any document almost instantly without ever leaving your desk.

No paper, fiche, cabinets, storage boxes, file folders, extensive storage facilities
Imagine storing the equivalent of thousands of filing cabinets of information in the space of a large briefcase. And then accessing those records instantly with the click of a mouse.

No legacy systems, communication issues, excessive host concurrent user fees or CPU cycles
Imagine one secure, cohesive online database that can store and cross-reference all of your records from scanned (image) documents, and any type of computer (mainframe, PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) in their native file formats (email and its attachments, text, Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, etc.).

A great audit, compliance, records management, business continuity and disaster recovery tool
Records archived to FileNexus may not be amended (although you are welcome to a work copy). Every document action is automatically tracked by time, date and user. All audit logs are easily searched with the FileNexus Audit Log utility. Document retention policies are easily configured by the administrator.

A new technology that actually works and saves you money
FileNexus is a technology that actually does what it says and saves you real, hard operating costs from day one.

Why open is best…

Many other technologies store data in a proprietary format. When you switch to a new technology, you are forced to continue paying for the ‘old technology’ simply to access your data. This is of particular concern when you are dealing with mission critical records.

At Loris Technologies Inc., our philosophy is to keep you happy before and after the sale is made. All data stored on FileNexus is fully exportable in industry standard file formats any time you want. If you have any legacy systems now, why not ship the trapped data to us? Moreover, you can send documents from new systems and cut expensive host user fees.

You’re in good company…

FileNexus is trusted for mission critical records management by representative organizations employing millions of people, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue and controlling trillions of dollars in assets worldwide. Whether it is in in financial services, insurance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, utilities and local governments, you name it – we’ve got a lot of good names behind us!

Looks great, can I afford it?

Absolutely! FileNexus is an open, modular system. It is affordable for moderate applications, yet expandable to enterprise-wide capability. You only buy what you need, when you need it, in logical cost effective increments. You only pay for net increases in system capability – never for the same thing twice.

We’ll get you up and running fast

We know that the decision to implement new technology can be a difficult one. Other vendors try to confuse you with technical jargon and vague cost arguments, and expect you to make a considerable capital outlay based on trust alone. After all, no matter how advanced or abundant the claims, there is no guarantee it will work at your site.

We have a different approach. Our motto is “Enterprise Document Management Made Easy” and to us, “Made Easy” means solid technology delivering real world business applications. If you’re like most of the organizations we deal with, chances are the whole system will pay for itself within months – out of hard outside costs alone. We’ll guarantee how much your FileNexus System will cost, all in and to the penny! It will be up and running in days – not months or years.

Why Loris Technologies Inc.?

Incorporated in 1980, Loris Technologies Inc. is a leading innovator in the programming, development and on-site application of our own document management technologies throughout North America. Our no-nonsense business approach, superb client support and innovative software has earned us the business of a broad range of blue chip organizations of varying sizes in financial services, insurance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and local governments. FileNexus is also integrated as the document management solution of choice by industry leading host system developers such as Harris Computer Systems and Multiview Corporation.

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